Creative Communications & Marketing N.V. (CCMnv) was established in February 2006. In a relatively short period of just over fifteen years, has come to occupy a significant space and place in the media landscape in Suriname.

We have done so by dint of our offer to our clients of personalized quality service, innovative and imaginative advertising campaigns and promotional support, opportunities to increase competitiveness and maximize profitability and value-added to existing promotional efforts and ideas.

Our range of products and services is as varied as it is wide and includes:

  1. Production and placement of advertising for traditional media (radio, television, newspapers), as well as non-traditional media (billboards, magazines, brochures, flyers, Facebook, etc.);
  2. Building and implementing promotional campaigns with all associated activities, including license approval, advertising, and marketing support, tracking and reporting of results, etc.;
  3. Design and implementation of effective marketing and communication strategies;
  4. Preparation of client surveys;
  5. Event coordination (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.)

Notwithstanding, as mentioned above, that our company was established just ten years ago, our relatively short time in existence belies the significant number of initiatives in which we have partnered successfully with local, regional and international clients, establishing thereby, a record of quality service and reliability.

Some of the major initiatives that we have undertaken are:

  • the preparation of two client surveys for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the results of which would have been used to re-engineer their loan and technical assistance program to better accommodate the needs of the country’s private and public sectors;
  • the preparation and organization of an Urban Development Conference and Policy Dialogue in order to identify development challenges and policy options for the IADB;
  • the preparation and organization of the first-ever International Conference on Mining and Energy to be held in the Caribbean;
  • the preparation of a client survey on behalf of Caribbean Airlines (CAL), in order to improve their group targeting efforts;
  • similar client surveys prepared annually on behalf of the Curaçao Tourism Board, which, along with our company’s input into the design and implementation of marketing and communication strategies and plans, have contributed to a significant increase in the number of visitors to Curaçao from Suriname;
  • the successful launch of INTRALOT, which is today one of the country’s largest lottery enterprises;
  • the preparation and organization of several visits from representatives of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business of Trinidad, with the intent of establishing ties with its counterpart institute in Suriname;
  • several seminars on behalf of Microsoft (Trinidad) to introduce their products and services to Suriname; and, of course,
  • the continuous monitoring of sales activity, market conditions, and the general business environment on behalf of our largest client, the local operations of McDonald’s International.