Our Amazing Staff

The Backbone of Our Organization

We couldn’t do half of what we do here at Creative Communications & Marketing if it wasn’t for our awesome staff. In addition to our own office staff, we also have mentors, instructors, service providers, and many other expert individuals who help us help our clients. Rest assured that, unlike your average staffing service, anyone we are willing to recommend for your service is someone we’ve already hired and tried out ourselves.

We’d especially like to mention Wirhas Ramcharan, our art assistant, Zaïra Wijders, our front office manager, Sue-Ellen Karsiman, our Junior Account Executive and Yoltha Leisberg, our interior caretaker.

Thank you for everything!

Hanna Bakboord (2017)

Johanna “Hanna” Bakboord


Johanna “Hanna” Bakboord brings a wealth of experience to her undertakings in the fields of communications, marketing, and public relations. This experience was birthed and nurtured, in the first instance, over two decades of employment as a manager and senior executive in Suriname’s longest-established advertising agency, Thea Rubenstein Advertising (TRAD N.V), where she honed her skills in working with all forms of media (print, radio, and television) and in the design, planning, and implementation of advertising and public relations campaigns for the private sector and civil society.

After her employment at TRAD, she responded to her inner urgings and left to establish her own agency (Creative Communications and Marketing, NV) in 2005. In the years since, she has overseen its growth into one of the country’s most prestigious and sought-after communications and marketing agencies, and one that currently boasts of an impressive local, regional and international clientele, including the McDonald Corporation of the United States and the Curacao Tourism Board.

At one time or the other since 2005, she has spearheaded the preparation and execution of programs, seminars, and campaigns for organizations as diverse as Unilever, Dutch Caribbean Airlines (DCA), Shell Caribbean, and the Caribbean Regional Environmental Program (CREP), for which latter she was engaged as a Regional Media Consultant. She also was called upon to fill the role of Media Coordinator for the first Suriname International Mining Energy and Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (SURIMEP 2016).

She has also made several contributions to organizations in the social sector. Illustratively, she was the media coordinator and principal actor in the implementation of a successful measles campaign for the BOG, in all local languages. She was also a member of the team that built a new senior citizen home, Fatima Oord, in which instance, she was responsible for developing PR activities and setting up a network of potential donors. In addition, she has designed awareness campaigns and activity programs for victims of child abuse and for the physically disabled, through organizations such as the Special Olympics and the SOGKI, the local organization for the handicapped.

In all of the above, she has impressed her clientele with her capacity for understanding the nature of the challenge and, importantly, for developing innovative approaches to ensure the desired outcomes. Her experience and practiced skills in her chosen areas of endeavor suggest her as an ideal candidate for taking on even the most complex of assignments and bringing them to successful conclusions.

Jill-Joy Landburg

Executive Director

Jill-Joy Landburg is a “foodie”, who loves to travel and experience different cultures, none more so than the culinary delights of the places, far and near, that she visits. When not involved in these pursuits, she is focused on executing her functions and discharging her responsibilities as Executive Director of Creative Communications & Marketing NV (CCMnv).

CCMnv is a locally based Agency, which offers specialty services in Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications. Jill began her career with the Agency just over a decade ago, when the company first opened its doors and over this span of time, she worked her way from the position of a receptionist to the height she now occupies. On her path, she honed her skills in every aspect of the enterprise, while, at the same time, “nourishing” her passion and building a parallel career in the food industry.

In this latter sphere of her career development, she successfully launched Victuals Magazine and Victuals Blog, two popular illustrative products, which represented her passion in her own unique way and, through which, she introduced herself to the local and international food industry. Victuals Magazine was launched in 2011 and quickly gained popularity for the content and quality of its presentations. Building on her growing reputation, Jill launched her blog, Victuals.me, which was rebranded in 2017 to extend its reach worldwide.

As her career paths crisscrossed, she found it necessary, desirable, and, in many ways, enjoyable, to plunge into the world of information and communications technology. It was here that she developed her creative and computer skills, by editing press and print artwork, TV commercials and short films, radio commercials and voice-overs, and more. At the same time, she participated actively in brainstorming sessions to develop and execute concepts and projects for local and international clients. 

Along the way, she discovered the benefits of Social Media and began to use it as a tool to consolidate her presence and further promote her brand. Currently, she maintains a continuous presence on Facebook, Instagram, and, more recently, Twitter. 

And, Oh! As if developing two flourishing careers were not enough to occupy a 24-hour day, a 7-day week, and a calendar year, Jill is now working towards completing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).